In its most obvious definition, Smoke Art is artwork made primarily from smoke. It is then edited to varying degrees and, in a lot of cases, coloured too. In most cases, the smoke is just the medium with which another image is created, though sometimes, it will form the actual image itself. Images can be created from one or more smoke trails, sometimes mirroring the original or maybe duplicating the same trail many times over.
“I started experimenting with smoke art while recuperating from a knee operation. As I was pretty immobile for a few months I needed something to keep my photographic hobby going. I spotted an article on a website which brought smoke art to my attention and it quickly became apparent that it was something I could try out easily enough in the house while recovering. My first efforts were straight shots of smoke, but I soon progressed onto duplicating and removing smoke to bring emphasis to shapes, highlighting them even further with the use of colours.”
Flaming GeminiAlienStarry SkyDeflatedDemon RiderDragon BreathGoblin NightmareGolden BullGolden MaskGreen Eyed MonsterKaleidoscopeOppositeHeartsWith ChildWorshipFlag of St George